Clay Curd Pot: 500 ML

  • Capacity: 500ML
  • Taste of Curd is best when made in Clay pots.
  • Experience thick and Tasty Delicious curd like no other utensil.
  • Add quality and goodness to your curd
  • Premium quality Clay pots, Hand-crafted in India
  • Delivery Across India
  • Price Inclusive of Taxes
  • CERTIFIED as Lead and Arsenic Free
  • Detailed description below

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Terracotta Clay Curd Pot

Clay curd pot makes curd very thick and tasty. Setting curd in the clay pots is the same process like any other vessels. Porous nature of Clay improves the thickness and enhances the taste of Curd.

For thick, silky & delicious yogurt use the Terracotta Curd Pot. Just the way it’s been done for many, many centuries in yogurt eating cultures. We have designed the pot to fit one packet of milk. It also doubles as a storage container. To good food!

Capacity: 500 ml

1. Microwave safe
2. Withstands High temperature
3. 100% natural and non-toxic material

Curd remains very thick in the vessel due to evaporation
Curd tastes much better than any other vessel
Clay is naturally alkaline and helps balance pH in acidic food

Immerse the terracotta vessel in water for a day
Dry the vessel with a clean cloth

Daily Care
Cleaning: Just use hot water and a gentle scrub. Store in ventilated areas after thoroughly dried.
Dishwasher Safe: It is dishwasher safe, but we recommend hand washing to give you and your earthenware the best care. Being that clay is a porous material, it may absorb dishwashing detergent which will reduce the vessels lifetime.
Avoiding Extreme Temperature Changes: Earthenware does not like extreme temperature changes. For example, do not take a cold pot from the refrigerator and place it directly on the stovetop or in an extremely hot oven; it may crack.


Additional information

Weight .725 kg
Dimensions 15 x 15 x 13 cm


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