Maakal Dosa Tawa: Gas Safe (Soap Stone Tawa)

  • Dimensions: 12 inch diameter. Weight: 2 KGs
  • Word “Kal Dosai” comes from Dosai made in Maakal Tawa. Make Kal Dosai the way it was made traditionally
  • Dosa made will be very soft, spongy and tasty like no other Tawa
  • Non-stick: Kal Dosa Tawa has Non-stick like properties and consumes less OIL
  • What to cook? – Dosa, Chapathi, Fish Fry
  • Tawa for a life-time: Lasts more than 60-80 Years
  • Rural artisans in Tamilnadu have been making Kalchatti for generations
  • Retains heat for a very long time, thereby enabling high nutrition retention
  • Hand Made: Each tawa is Hand-crafted by skilled artisans
  • Relive the traditional style of cooking with Soapstone Tawa by The Indus Valley

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Dosa Kal Tawa: Soap Stone Tawa

Kal Dosa (Kal Dosai), a sponge variety of dosa can be made in Soap Stone Dosa Tawa. This is one of the famous SouthIndian breakfast dish in most of the restaurants. Kal dosa is slightly thicker than the traditional dosa. Traditionally, Soapstone Dosa Tawa was used to make Kal Dosa. Kal Dosa with Kara Chutney is a popular combination. Here are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Treat the Dosa Tawa before putting it on direct flame. Detailed treatment process is mentioned in the package
  • The vessel gets heated quickly. Once heated, turn down the flame to save gas
  • Each piece is chiseled by hand, there is a chance for mild variation in size
  • The stone Dosa tawa tends to chip when dropped, handle with care
  • Bon-appetit!


Day 1-Day 4

Step 1:

Mix castor oil and turmeric and make it as a paste. Apply this paste on both inside and outside of the kalchatti tawa. This needs to be done two times a day for 4 continuous days.

Day 5 – Day 8

Step 2:

On the 5th day, pour hot starch water inside the kal chatti tawa.

Starch water: The excess water while boiling rice in a pot is referred as starch water. For people using cooker for steaming rice, use the water which is used for cleaning rice. Heat this water in a pot and pour inside kalchatti.

The Kalchatti tawa will turn pitch black in colour. Now the kalchatti tawa is ready to be used for making mouth watering Kal Dosa, Chapathi, Fish fry etc.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 2 cm


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