Iron Tawa Large 28CM Pre Seasoned (100% Pure Iron | Ready to use | 1.5 KG) – FREE: Neemwood Ladle

READY TO USEPre-seasoned Iron Tawa and ready to use. Premium Rice Bran oil used to season the pan.

FOOD SAFE: Chemical Free, Traditional and Non Toxic Cookware

Non Stick: Our iron pan is virtually non-stick, easy to clean, protected against scratches

Tasty Food: Enriched Iron content and will also make your food rich in flavor!

Sturdy handle with hole for convenient hanging when not in use.

Retains Heat: Dosa Tawa retains heat for a long time and saves on your gas bill.

Weight: 1.5 KG; Diameter: 11 Inches; Thickness: 3 MM.

Perfect and Round Dosas with Added Nutrition.

MAINTENANCE: Rinse with hot water and dry thoroughly to clean; coat with cooking oil after use for best results.

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The 11-Inch Pre-Seasoned Iron Tawa (Dosa Tawa/ Chapathi Tawa) is a healthy and budget friendly alternative to toxic Teflon coated Non stick Tawa and Non Stick pans. Cooking with Iron Dosa Tawa enriches your food with iron.

The Dosa Tawa Price is very affordable, Gas Stove Safe and suitable for all Indian Kitchens.

Dosa Tawa is suitable for all food like dosa, chapathi, phulka, paratha, and shallow frying fish, potatoes and other items. It is a versatile and healthy frying pan for you and your family.

Iron Tawa (Iron Pan) becomes hot quick and easy. It saves on gas and heating time.

Food cooked in iron and cast iron tawa has delicious, traditional taste.

Iron Tawa is suitable for amateurs and experts alike.  The Dosa Tawa is timeless and can be passed on from one generation to another. Now you can make your food tasty and healthy.

Gift yourself the Best Dosa Tawa for lifetime of Best Dosa’s



Caring for your iron pan is easy when you shop from The Indus valley. Our cookware is pre-seasoned, so you can start using right away. We use only premium Rice Bran cooking oil to season the iron pans.

You can use it on the stove top immediately after purchase.


After hand washing your cookware, simply place it on a gas burner for a few minutes. After is is dry rub in a thin layer of cooking oil to help maintain your hard earned seasoning.

12 reviews for Iron Tawa Large 28CM Pre Seasoned (100% Pure Iron | Ready to use | 1.5 KG) – FREE: Neemwood Ladle

  • KRN

    This Tawa is sturdy. For making chapati and Akki (Rice) rotti(in Kannada) and Raagi Rotti you can use without worrying. For Dosa, you need to watch for uneven temperature distribution. My wife is using it well though.

  • Gurjot Kaur

    This product was realy awasome and worth prize

  • Gurkaran Singh Kohli

    Very good.Finishing not so neat, but fine for this price.

  • H Shah

    Great stuff at great price

  • Hariharan Sankaran

    Excellent product, very useful.

  • Harish Kulkarni

    Good product and awesome service

  • Hema Jay

    The product are really made thick and good quality

  • Hema Rengaswamy

    This is one of the best product worth the money you pay.

  • Hemani Chawra

    Very good quality. Worth the money!

  • Hemantha Kota

    very good quality…go ahead you can trust the pic

  • Hima Shaji (verified owner)

    These are very thick and therefore good

  • Ishwar Murgodi

    It is made of very good iron

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