Neem Wood Pocket Comb

Unisex pocket friendly combs for well managed hair on the move. It is soft and gentle for babies. Now you can style your hair on the go!

Material: Neem Wood

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Weight 010 kg

5 reviews for Neem Wood Pocket Comb

  • Sivanagamalleswari

    Very good quality.It also smell good. I have been using this for almost 1 month now. And I really like it.So much better then regular plastic combs.

  • Maheswari

    Doing my beard work.. perfect finishing edges

  • julie

    Very good, don’t miss this. Small to carry for men. Healthy and good quality.

  • sri prasanta kumar sethi

    Before speaking about the product, i have to tell that it was packed so well and it was a quick delivery. Now coming on the product i have to tell it is a great comb, and it does the job well. I haven’t used any wooden comb before so this is my first one and it smells so great even on hairs.Your hair will thank you for this.

  • sujit agarwal

    The ends are rounded so they don’t hurt the scalp. It works better than a plastic comb because the oil is distributed better. Plastic combs don’t absorb any oil, so it remains solely on the scalp, leaving the ends dry.

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