Neem comb Wooden: Without Handle

  • Combs made from best quality Neem Wood
  • Excellent for fragile or long hair.
  • Controls hair loss
  • Fights against dandruff
  • Encourages hair re-growth
  • Less split ends.
  • Delivery-across India

Estimated delivery by: 26/04/2018

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Neem wood comb have the medicinal values to control hair loss and encourages hair re-growth. Neem also assists to prevent hair related problems.


Hygienic to use: Neem wood is antibacterial, it does not allow growth of microbes.
100% Natural color with no polish, no added dyes or stains
Easy to Clean and Maintain – Wash with warm water and soap and air dry. Periodically rub with mineral oil to prolong life


Controls dandruff
Reduces Hairfall: Neem comb does not have static and prevents hair snapping, controlling hairfall
100% neem wood – Eco friendly and very durable
Wood is completely biodegradable and renewable


Soak the product in mineral oil before use

Care Instructions:

Do not soak in water for too long
Use mild soap and water to clean and dry thoroughly
Handle with care

5 reviews for Neem comb Wooden: Without Handle

  • Vishnupriya

    The ends are rounded so they don’t hurt the scalp. It works better than a plastic comb because the oil is distributed better. Plastic combs don’t absorb any oil, so it remains solely on the scalp, leaving the ends dry.

  • Vinay

    Although Neem fragrance was temporary but it helps in curing the hair fall problem.

  • Charishma

    Just loved the comb. Smells awesome. Have been using it for last few months. washed it quite a number of times but the woody smell is still there

  • Sonam Dabaria

    Very good quality.It also smell good. I have been using this for almost 1 month now. And I really like it.So much better then regular plastic combs.

  • B. M. Iqbal

    Before speaking about the product, i have to tell that it was packed so well and it was a quick delivery. Now coming on the product i have to tell it is a great comb, and it does the job well. I haven’t used any wooden comb before so this is my first one and it smells so great even on hairs.Your hair will thank you for this.

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