CLAY Cooking Pot KADAI Large (2 Ltr): Earthen Handmade Clay Curry Pot GAS Stove Safe For Cooking

  • Cooking in clay pots everyday will keep you HEALTHY
  • What to cook?: Dal, Rice, Sabji, Sambar and Fish curry
  • Retains 100% Nutrition in food
  • Maintains pH balance of food
  • Tasty food: Clay pots enhances the taste
  • Clay pots consumes Less Oil while cooking.
  • THE INDUS VALLEY clay pots are completely safe for GAS STOVE COOKING

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Clay Cooking pot, Curry Pots (Clay Kadai)

Authentic earthenware pots (Clay Kadai) can be used for making fish curry and other Indian curries. Clay cooking pot is also referred as Manchatti/Earthen pots

Cook (Stove) > Serve > Eat > Store> Re-heat (Microwave) > Repeat.
Use this terracotta cooking bowl as your one stop dish. Simple solution for easy, tasty and healthy cooking.



How to use:

  • FIRST TIME: Soak the clay pot in water for 24 Hours & start using from 2nd day
    1. Always start cooking with low flame in the Clay Pots and move to medium flame after 2 minutes.
    2. Do not heat an empty clay pot on gas stove
    1. Allow the Clay Kadai temperature come to normal then wash.
    2. DON’T: When the Clay utensil is hot do not pour cold water, .
  • WASHING TIPS: Use a soft sponge, do not use metallic scrubber as it will damage the Clay cookware sets.
  • STORAGE: Allow the clay cooking pan to dry completely before storage.
  • FOR STAINS: Use Baking soda with hot water to remove difficult stains in the Clay Pots


  • Immerse the Clay cooking pot in water for a day
  • Dry the Clay Pot with a clean cloth

Daily Care:

  • Cleaning: Just use hot water and a gentle scrub. Store in ventilated areas after thoroughly dried.
  • Dishwasher Safe: It is dishwasher safe, but we recommend hand washing to give you and your earthenware the best care. Being that clay is a porous material, it may absorb dishwashing detergent which will reduce the vessels lifetime.
  • Avoiding Extreme Temperature Changes: Earthenware does not like extreme temperature changes. For example, do not take a cold pot from the refrigerator and place it directly on the stovetop or in an extremely hot oven; it may crack.

5 reviews for CLAY Cooking Pot KADAI Large (2 Ltr): Earthen Handmade Clay Curry Pot GAS Stove Safe For Cooking

  • Rhea

    Perfect for dal chawal. They smell divine. Much better than cooker. Must buy for good health. Very good quality product. Very pleased.

  • Ketki

    Amazing experience. The food cooked tastes divine!!!!! Will order for more earthen products!!

  • Arul Kiruthika

    This is very much suitable for my family of 6 people. Moreover it saves your gas. I switch off gas when food is nearly 70? cooked and remaining is cooked by itself.

  • Kowthul Ahlam

    Healthier cooking now

  • raghav Gupta

    Received the pot in perfect condition. Good craftsmanship. Satisfied overall.

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