Terracotta Beer Mug, 500ml Capacity

  • Capacity: 500 ML Dimensions: 13CM *8.5CM
  • BEER STAYS COOL for a longer time compared to other Mugs. Clay’s property ensures the beer remains cooler
  • Treat your guests with a unique experience of BEER with terracotta beer mugs
  • Enjoy Fresh Beer in The Indus Valley Beer Mug.
  • Delivery Across-India
  • Price Inclusive of All Taxes

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Clay Beer Mug – 500 ml : The Indus Valley™

This clay beer mug is made of natural red clay. It has a steady bottom and a convenient handle. Surface of the product is smooth and easy to handle. You will not want to use glass drink-ware any more if you have ever tried to drink beer from a clay mug as foamy drink in clay gets a special saturated taste. It keeps beer cooler for longer. Go Natural!


  1. Attractive design
  2. Capacity: 500ml
  3. 100% natural and non-toxic material
  4. Durable: 3-5 years


  1. Naturally cool
  2. Beer tastes better in clay than regular vessels
  3. Retains foam for longer


  1. Immerse and soak the new Clay pot in a big vessel full of water for 24 hours.
  2. Scrub off the clay pot using a scrubber.
  3. Sun dry it for 4-5 hours. This will help to remove all mud particles.

Daily Care:

  1. Cleaning: Just use hot water and a gentle scrub. Store in ventilated areas after thoroughly dried.
  2. Dishwasher Safe: It is dishwasher safe, but we recommend hand washing to give you and your earthenware the best care. Being that clay is a porous material, it may absorb dish washing detergent which will reduce the vessels lifetime.
  3. Avoiding Extreme Temperature Changes: Earthenware does not like extreme temperature changes. For example, do not take a cold pot from the refrigerator and place it directly on the stove-top or in an extremely hot oven; it may crack.


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