Clay: Safesh Cookware and serveware


Jagadeesh Kumar Comments 0 May 24, 2017

Biggest Fear while buying Clay Cookware pots is whether the Clay pots are Safe?

In this article we have addressed the issue of How The Indus Valley’s clay pots are safe for cooking and Healthy

  1. 100% Non-Toxic: Tested, Certified & Guaranteed – Say Hello to Healthy Food. The Indus Valley™’s Clay Cookware is made without the use of ANY Chemicals, Metals, Oxides, Glazes, Enamels & Toxins.  Also, our pots have NO Lead, NO Arsenic. We are the first clay cookware makers to use 100% tested, pure & primary clay.  Others use only locally available, untested clay,  and contaminated clay. This can harm you and the environment.
  2. 100% Inert & Non-Reactive: You can enjoy natural fresh meal from Safe Pots & Pans.  Since nothing is added to this pure raw material and nothing removed from it,  it is 100% inert or non-reactive.  Metal and non-stick leach metals and chemicals that are dangerous in the body.
  3. Preserves Nutrients: Cooks Without Destroying Nutrients. Cooks without letting the nutrients in the food from evaporating. Unique design and raw material have the ability to retain steam inside. You can enjoy the benefits of water soluble minerals and vitamins in your food.
  4. 100% Vegetarian: We use no animal by-products, making the vessels.

The Indus Valley – Chemical Analysis Report

Safest Cookware - Lead Free Clay Pots



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