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Hasini Sudhakar

What an interesting way to go back the memory lane ! My great grand ma used to cook paniyaram, dosa in makkal, also used to store pickles in makkal chatti and those wooden spoons made of neem wood !! These are each a piece of art. My best wishes for your venture and I am… Read more “Hasini Sudhakar”

Sundari Krishna

“Lovely products.. will highly recommend this all my friends. Brought back sweet memories. . Cant wait to start using them.”

Vignesh Pandian

Good site for handmade things…

Manjula Bharath

So I received this coolest earthen pot water bottle 😊😊 thank you to The Indus Valley for sending me such wonderful things and also a certificate, loved it a lot 😀 I know many ppl will love drinking the natural cool water in a earthen pot , you can shop the coolest earthern pots from… Read more “Manjula Bharath”

Preeti Tamilarasan

Keerai Paniyaram using Soap Stone Cookware / Paniyaram Kallu from The Indus Valley

Sai Vidhya

Hi, It’s been almost a year am using TIV ‘s soapstone dosai Kal and paniyaram thattu. My whole family including my toddler finds a difference in taste when I make dosai in soapstone using the same batter. I’m happy about my choice on buying products from you. It’s long standing and a honest make. Thank… Read more “Sai Vidhya”

Hari Krishna

Product is good. It’s a single wood not made with 2 peices


I got the product before time. Haven’t started using it but the product looks really good and strong. I am no expert on woods and can’t tell if its made of neem but if it is then it’s really worth.

Nanda Singh

Very well packed. Arrived in good condition. Not used it yet. But look forward to doing so.

Seema Patil

The size of the bowls is quite small so I use it for side dishes. Easy to clean, beautiful and simple looking product. Inspite of being a natural product, the size of e bowls is quite similar. I find it hard to use the spoons to eat but can use them for other purpose.


The finish and shape of one bowl was fine but the other one looks terrible. It feels like painted plastic.


Nice experience

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